A Krishna story, by His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:

In Gokul. All the elder cowherd men assembled together. They began to consult amongst themselves how to stop the great disturbances in Mahavana on account of the demons. In this meeting, Upananda, the brother of Nanda Maharaja, was present. He was considered to be learned and experienced, and he was a well-wisher of Krishna and Balarama. He was a leader, and he addressed the meeting as follows: "My dear friends! Now we should leave here for another place because we are continually finding that great demons are coming here to disturb the peaceful situation, and they are especially attempting to kill the small children. Just consider Putana and Khrishna . It was simply by the grace of Lord Hari that Krishna was saved from the hands of such a great demon. Next the whirlwind demon took Krishna away into the sky, but by the grace of Lord Hari He was saved, and the demon fell down on a stone slab and died. Very recently, this child was playing between two trees, and the trees fell down violently, and yet there was no injury to the child. So Lord Hari saved Him again. Just imagine the calamity if this child or any other child playing with Him were crushed by the falling trees! Considering all these incidents, we must conclude that this place is no longer safe. Let us leave. We have all been saved from different calamities by the grace of Lord Hari. Now we should be cautious and leave this place and reside somewhere where we can live peacefully. I think that we should all go to the forest known as Vrindavana, where just now there are newly grown plants and herbs. It is very suitable for pasturing ground for our cows, and we and our families, the gopis with their children, can very peacefully live there. Near Vrindavana is Govardhana Hill, which is very beautiful, and there are newly grown grass and fodder for the animals, so there will be no difficulty in living there. I therefore suggest that we start immediately for that beautiful place, as there is no need to waste any more time. Let us prepare all our carts immediately, and, if you like, let us go, keeping all the cows in front."

"Let us immediately go there." Everyone then loaded all their household furniture and utensils onto the carts and prepared to go to Vrindavana. All the children, women and old men of the village were arranged on seats, and the cowherd men equipped themselves with bows and arrows to follow the carts. All the cows and bulls were placed in the front along with their calves, and the men, with their bows and arrows, surrounded the herds and carts and began to blow on their horns and bugles. In this way, with tumultuous sound, they started for Vrindavana.


Krishna was a devoted person to his friends, people and family. After knowing the truth about himself (being God with a Divine mission), he became devastated and silently stood up and walked towards Govardhan mountain. He stood at the peak of the mountain and looked towards the sky and the setting sun. It was the time when he felt some energy entering in his body. At that time he got to know about him being a God and his purpose of this incarnation. He stood there for a couple of hours and felt the ongoing change inside of him.

When he came down the mountain, he was totally a changed person. The naughty and mischievous cowboy was left behind. He was feeling an abode of tranquility inside of him. His mind was completely blissful. When he came down, everyone was vowing down to him in respect. Even his friends with whom he used to play and cow graze. Everyone who was watching him bowed his head down in respect to him.

Krishna knew that his time of living in Vrindavan is over and now he has to go from here. But before going, he organized a raas-leela with all the people. He wanted to dance with all the people of Vrindavan for one last time. Krishna  danced, sang, played flute for one last time in the raas leela. Everyone knew he is going from Vrindavan.

Krishna knew of how Radha was feeling at that time. He went to her and took her in her arms. He took out the flute from his hips and handed it over to Radha and said O Radhe, this flute belongs to you. I used to play this flute only for you and will never play it again. After saying this Krishna left Vrindavan. From that day onwards, Krishna never played the flute again in his lifetime and never returned Vrindavan.


After Lord Krishna moved to Mathura to slay Kamsa, residents of Vrindavana were sad and thought only about Lord Krishna and no one else within their life. Lord Krishna was only twelve years old when he slayed Kamsa. After slaying Kamsa he went to hermitage of Sandipani Muni to learn about Vedas and scriptures where he made friends like Sudama. After some months of studying, Lord Krishna completed his education and returns to Mathura where he is busy combatting against mighty army of one wicked king Jarasandha of Magadh. He wins with Jarasandha each time but finally to keep his public away from his fear and trouble Lord Krishna decided to make Dwarka his capital city. Lord Vishwakarma is given chance to construct Dwarka. He makes beautiful palaces and fountains and houses within this new kingdom of Dwarka and it's even more beautiful than heaven. Lord Krishna shifts with his family to Dwarka. Shortly after there is swayamwara of royal maiden Rukmini who is mentioned to be Goddess Sri within many Mahabharata. She writes letter to Lord Krishna and pleads him to rescue her from wicked Shishupal. That mighty Lord Krishna on her swayamwara day, swipes Rukmini into his chariot infront of Shishupala and her other suitors and also after punishing her brother Rukmi, they go to Dwarka where Lord Krishna marries his lady Rukmini who becomes chief queen of Dwarka.


'Lord Krishna was 89 years 8 months 4 days old and Arjun was 88 years 1 month 22 days old and on the 1st day of Mahabharata War'

Not many are aware of the Bhalka Teerth region, where Krishna left his mortal body,

The Bhalka Teerth region near Somnath in Gujarat is one of the holiest sites associated with Shri Krishna. one day, when Krishna rested under a banyan tree, he was mistakenly shot in the foot by a hunter named Jara. This site is known as the Bhalka Teerth. It is about 250 kilometres from Dwaraka, near the famous Somnath Temple. After getting shot in the foot, Krishna limped to a cave on the banks of the river Hiranya. He breathed his last near the confluence of the Triveni Sangam (confluence of the rivers Hiranya, Kapila and Saraswati) and left for Nija Dham (heavenly abode). Krishna's cremation is believed to have taken place here, which is now known as Dehotsarg. There's a temple dedicated to Shri Krishna at the Bhalka Teerth site, and people perform Tarpana at the Triveni Sangam (to pay homage to their ancestors).

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