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I have been a lazy wanderer and mostly done what has 'happened' to present itself to me. ... and so much has.
My visits to Shirdi and Sakori only happened due to Minoo presenting the opportunities and driving us there. For Narayan Maharaj, the opportunity simply presented itself to me, some others had arranged it.
Mehera herself suggested and arranged my visit to Panchgani (then Mahabaleshwar) She had me eat lunch with Dr Aloo,  then Dr. Aloo arranged my stay with her cousin in Panchgani (where the women had stayed)
Since having such difficulty now, with walking, my exploring days are now limited to computer research!
Must research about Shivaji and Ramdas. Thanks. I am truly fascinated by Ahilyabai. which I only found out about when I read the government is considering changing the name of Ahmednagar to Ahilya nagar !!
I wish I knew more about other minor advents. Do you?
 I so appreciate Baba taking me on all these journeys!! of showing me India and touching on so many of my past lives.  A monk in the Himalayas, a housewife in Bharatpur, an old ex partner from lives ago. several times. It was Meheru who urged us to go ahead and visit the lions in Sasan Gir Forest. Gail

Meher Baba, being the Avatar, leads one through one's karma, step by step, wrapping it up. I finally learned, after so many lessons, to make an effort not to create new karma.
Sometimes Baba goes to great lengths to lead us through the unwinding of a particular karma. Often it is just a glimpse of a past relationship, just a momentary episode to bring it to consciousness. ( and perhaps to let go of it?) Being celibate is one way to encounter old karma but not add to it. The first thing I threw into the dhuni fire: lust. I actually saw Baba standing under the tree near the dhuni fire. That first dhuni. I think I threw in everything else in as well.

SHIRDI - SAKORI 70 -80's
In my 9 trips to Meherabad, since 1975, I have visited Shirdi and Sakori many times. In the 70's Minoo used to organize a Shirdi trip and take whichever pilgrims were around and wanted to go, in a van. After Shirdi we would always make a stop at Sakori. Since Minoo had been a disciple of both Sai and Upasni, we were always welcomed and treated nicely.. On my first trip to Sakori Godavari Mai was there and she greeted us. Most of our group bowed down to her and touched her feet, although Baba had told her not to allow that ...
Another time at Sakori we were invited to lunch and the 8, or so, of us sat down and were given a plate. First we went to the water tap to wash our hands, but there was no soap, just water. Because of my concern of dirty hands and no soap I asked for a spoon ( knowing i should really eat with my fingers, yet thought everyone there must drink tea so surely they had spoons) and a spoon was brought to me.
*** As I sat there on the floor and picked up the spoon to eat, Upasni was standing there and he fed me with the spoon. I don't know why. He seemed very real to me.
On another trip, at Sakori, they were performing arti, I don't remember how but somehow I ended up at the womens arti, seemingly alone. A young woman came and joined me. somewhat near. I was shocked to see she was the image of the statue Upasni had made, to his exact direction before he passed. So I assume she came to be at Sakori after he passed. Then she left as I looked around. A girl from the ashram was there and smiled that I had seen the 'lady of the statue' .... My 'experiences' at Sakori were so wonderful, I can't imagine why I was so fortunate, if I could possibly have any past connection with Upasni ??
but, as usual, everyone else in the tour group was very angry at me ! Anyhow, next day at Meherazad Mehera invited me into the dining room and fed me a plate of 'mango mush'. I washed my hands with soap first ! I still remember the wonderful feeling that Meherazad had soap ! So wonderful !

.... anyhow Mehera teasingly scolded me and told me that this time I would eat with my fingers..... I guess someone from the group ratted on me about my asking for a spoon at Sakori. but, of course, Mehera did not know that Upasni had fed me with that spoon !
I have visited Babajan's tomb and tree ( received some bangles and bliss) with Jal, Shirdi, Sakori with Minoo and Narayans ashram. The guide there took me to the room below where when Narayan prayed the statue would come alive and fly around the room. Then we went upstairs, that beautiful blue room where he would sit on the tiger skin. (where I had, in my dream, looked out the window at a tiger in the woods) Suddenly the tiger was looking at me! I woke up. sorry to go on so....

More, much more than anything, my time with Mehera was the greatest gift from Baba. Seeing Baba through her love. I feel that Baba kept India as it was for (or through) Mehera and when she passed, India was gone. The spiritual mysticism of India. Now it is only for me to find it within me. But, at times, my longing to be in Meherabad is overwhelming.

After Mehera dropped her body, I had a vivid dream:
I dreamed that Meheru was here, but India was gone! and my realization was that Baba kept India as it was, just for Mehera..
I read this today:

Meher Baba quote: “But India nowadays is sadly lacking in spirituality, by indulging in too much politics and Maya. The old spiritual glory is gone. It is sad, yet, it is a fact.”

Perhaps it took a few years for that statement to be felt everywhere.. now I realize that my desire to travel in India is searching for that 'spiritual glory', but I could not find it on my last trip.. it was, indeed, gone, for me.

VISIT TO KEDGAON: I happened to visit Kedgaon after having a series of dreams. The one with the tiger was the most impressive. I dreamed I was looking out the window of a second story building into the woods and there was a tiger. The tiger looked up at me and with a shock I realized the tiger wanted me !! The shock woke me up.
Shortly thereafter I happened to join a shared trip to Kedgaon. The man who showed us around took us into the 'basement' and showed us where Narayan would pray and the statue (small) of Datatrey would fly around the room. He explained it to us. We were lucky, as not many people are taken there, I found out later.
He also took us upstairs to a beautiful blue room, where Narayan would greet people sometimes on a bed covered with a tiger skin.. I realized it was, somehow, the tiger of my dream !
We were shown the kitchen and women cooking, but, for the life of me I can't decide/remember if we ate something or not. I remember looking at the plate with food. On the way back to Meherazad I 'broke' my back on the care ride. The old car bounced on the potholes. My back has been worse since then.
Thought this article might interest you. Apparently visiting Narayan Maharaj's Kedgaon has become a popular trip now from Meherazad, as Shirdi and Sakori used to be.


In my twenties Michael and I sailed our 57 ft. cutter around the East Indies and occasionally, on a clear night, the sky was clear and the stars very, very bright. So bright, so clear. .. 

I took my kids to the pyramids and a guide ( illegally) took us out in the desert and they climbed the smallest pyramid. The starlight in the desert was incredible. .. 

I took a journey up into Spiti in the Indian Himalayas and in Kaza (which did not have electricity at that time) the stars were so bright you could easily walk home by starlight. .. 

Years later had a kayak company in Vieques Island and we kayaked at night on a moonless night. The stars were so bright we could even see the Southern Cross. It was in the bioluminescent bay, which was lit up with stars in the water too! 

 Baba has given me the gift of the stars in this life. I could not want more. He has always been with me under the starlight. A wonderful life.

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